Posh Pets Wear Landing Pages

To understand how you can use your landing page, you must first understand what is a landing page and why you need it.

Basically, your landing page is a mini website built to showcase the services you provide. If you wish, can be named your “online business card” as an affiliate of Posh Pets Wear. Your landing page is a modern, adaptive website, meaning  it is especially designed for mobile devices (like phones and tablets) but also for laptops and desktops. Also, your landing page has integrated a progressive web app which allows visitors to download your website to their phones or tablets as a native verified app. Exactly like, let’s say Twitter or BBC News.

For now, your landing page includes or can include:
  • Your affiliate link to the main store under the buttons “My Shop” (Desktop version) and “Discover my Shop”
  • Your affiliate link to build your own team under the button “Join my Team”
  • A page “Pet Insurance” created to offer pet insurances
  • A special section for product Reviews connected to social media
  • A special section which offers coupons, vouchers and special offers
  • Your social media links under the buttons “Facebook”, “Instagram” etc. and your email link under the button “Email”. Usually, these buttons have symbols on them not text.

Almost every month we add new sections, buttons and pages as we develop our small business.

If it’s clear now what a landing page is, let’s see why you need it.

In the age of social media, everyone has a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on, presence. Many even have all of them. This extends to the business world as well. Most businesses, big or small, have a social media presence. This is the first time in history that businesses have such immediate access to their customers, so, of course, they are taking advantage of it. If businesses have such a widely accepted online presence, why do they need a website as well?

To answer this question, here are the things that social media can do and what a website does better:
What Social Media Does for Your Small Business?

Social media is the ultimate marketing tool. These platforms allow businesses to interact with their customers daily. Businesses can brand themselves on Facebook, giving a personality to their business. They can reaffirm that brand identity via Instagram and show the lifestyle that goes along with it. All these tools familiarise customers with businesses because they see brand updates in the same place they see updates from friends and families.

Social media allows customers to interact directly with a small business, knowing that they will get a human being responding through the internet, often immediately. Businesses take advantage of this tool to build relationships with their current customers and offer contests to entice new customers. This tool not only interfaces with current customers but also has potential to reach a vast audience of potential customers. There are more than one billion people active on Facebook – which means one billion potential audience members.

Social media is so popular and effective because it is free and requires no technical or coding know-how. Anyone, anywhere can use it to create an online presence. It’s mobile-friendly, and customers are often on their own social media pages multiple times a day. Social media dependence means that customers willingly expose themselves to subtle advertisements every day.

Tools like Facebook also make it easy for businesses to utilise them. Facebook launched the Facebook Business Manager to help businesses optimize their Facebook presence. The tool allows a business to manage their entire marketing plan. With the Facebook Business Manager, businesses can coordinate, schedule, plan, and boost their marketing campaign, all from one place. They can assign tasks and roles to their marketing team. They can even coordinate with third parties and receive regular marketing reports.

With such fantastic, free tools like these, a small business owner might not even want to read the rest of this article. However, the real power of the online presence is in the website.

What a Website Does for Your Small Business

Reviewing all the reasons why social media is good for small businesses, a keen observer will notice one thing that stands out. Social media is for marketing. A good business manager knows that having an online presence is about more than just online marketing. In the age of globalization, having an online presence means having a space on the internet that anyone interested in this business can reach. Social media is merely a tool. To put it simply, social media may be the mouth of a business, but the website is the brain.

And finally, most important, a website offers complete control.

On a social media platform, a business is at the mercy of that format, with limited tools to customize the customer experience on their page. Every aspect of a website is built to reflect the businesses, their brand, their products, their logo, and the lifestyle that is at the heart of their identity. With social media, a brand must represent itself under the giant umbrella of whatever social media platform they are using. Even though Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter seem like they will be around forever, the world has seen social media platforms fall out of popularity over the years. If a business has a website, they are not at the mercy of the trends. They do not need to worry about the chance of Facebook losing popularity and then them having to rebuild their online presence from scratch. A website has a permanence that social media cannot guarantee. A website offers pure representation and an added atmosphere of professionalism that comes with a domain name.

A short guide about how to use your Landing Page on Social Media

Your Landing Page is mostly designed to help you out to build your own Team. In order to do this, in the first place, your Landing Page must be presented as your website (which actually it is) in your contact details, bio etc. Every social media platform has dedicated fields to showcase your website(s).

Every page of your website has a specific link. When posting on social media use these links in accordance with the specific of the post.  

“The online one-stop shop for fashionable and stunning accessories, products and unique gifts for any dog or cat, large or small. We provide the very best in accessories and offer a range of leads, collars, ID tags, unique pet gifts, clothing, luxurious beds and much more at the best prices. Whether it’s a stunning leather collar, super soft luxury bed, waterproof dog jacket, stunning pet portrait or personalised dog bowl, The Pet Basket offers a range of dog accessories to meet your pet’s needs”.

Join my team and sell the best quality pet accessories with my support as a Sponsor who will help you succeed with your business”

” Do you own a pet? Avoid expensive vet’s bills. Protect yourself again unexpected costs. Get a Free Quote for Pet Insurance today! https://vanityfurpetwear.poshpetswear.shop/pet-insurance

If you intend to sell directly a specific product or a category of products, the best way to do it is to generate the link using your own Link Generator then to share that link on Social Media as a post or whichever way that social media platform allows you.

This article will be often reviewed.  Please keep yourselves updated.